Street Jazz/Hip-Hop

Comfortable clothes that you feel confident to dance in with comfortable footwear.


Contemporary/Musical Theatre/Jazz/Flexibility

Leggings or shorts with a fitted top or leotard with either black split sole jazz shoes of bare feet. All hair tied back of your face.


Stiletto Heels

A pair of suitable heels, usually a simple pump with no platform is best for stiletto heels classes. Please stay away from a boot or a wedge shoe. Any dress code but NO sweatpants.



Primary 1-3

Any coloured leotard with a ballet belt, pink socks and pink leather ballet shoes. Hair if long held in a ponytail or in a small bun.

Primary 4 – 7

Any coloured leotard with ballet belt and pink ballet tights. Pink leather ballet shoes. Hair in a small bun.

 S1 – S6

Any style of Black leotard with ballet belt. Pink or black ballet tights or tight fitted shorts with pink leather ballet shoes. Hair must be in bun with no ends for all Ballet classes.


All boys

Black shorts with a white t-shirt or vest. Black socks and black ballet shoes.



To find the appropriate leotards or footwear please visit:

Dancia International              Dancewear
42 South Clerk Street             182 Rose Street
Edinburgh                         Edinburgh

Or visit;