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Live It Dance Studio

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Kirsty Hamilton

New Stiletto heels classes

Straight from NYC

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Welcome and Thank You for your interest in Live It Dance Studios.

Live It is a new dance studio in Edinburgh, established in 2013. We aim to earn a reputation in the dance community as a vision of excellence in dance. Live It classes are committed to bringing dance to classrooms, communities and people throughout the city. This is the new home of dance expertise in Edinburgh.

The studio offers dance classes for ages 3-18; adult’s classes; beginners to advanced and for fun or fitness. We teach classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Flexibility and Strengthening, Musical Theatre and the new Stiletto Heels class straight from the heart of New York City. We also run classes for Adults who wish to learn a new skill or for exercise.

We will be aiming to offer many wonderful experiences for our students including the opportunity to participate in shows, competitions, festivals and charity work.

Live It Studios in Edinburgh will give you the opportunity to truly develop and explore your talents. Get ready to meet new friends, learn new skills and have lots of fun along the way!  - Kirsty Hamilton

Live It Dance Styles

  • Hip Hop

    This class focuses on musicality, along with different qualities of movement. Pupils will work on precision, body awareness and performance. This class will prepare for the commercial dance industry…  Read moreClass Timetable

  • Ballet

    I believe ballet is the foundation of all dance. There are huge benefits that children and adults can gain from participation in ballet classes. Ballet enhances an individual’s physical and mental ability no matter where you career path may lead… Read more - Class Timetable.

  • Contemporary

    This class will introduce you to the fundamental elements of alignment, strength, flexibility, rhythm and momentum. From centre exercises to moving through your dance space, you will challenged both mentally and physically… Read more - Class Timetable.

  • Stiletto Heels

    Dancing in heels is great body workout, lots of fun and for anyone looking for a professional dance career in the commercial industry. Class will begin with a barefoot warm up, setting the body for choreography done in heels… Read more - Class Timetable

  • Jazz

    The Jazz class will combine contemporary jazz, lyrical and traditional jazz. It’s a technical and creative class with the goal of self-improvement. The Jazz warm up focuses on exercises that stretch and condition the body, weight exchange, core work and balances, while using the body in a full range of motion… Read more Class Timetable

  • Street Jazz

    Street jazz class emphasizes musicality, performance, and dynamics, while motivating students to maintain a positive classroom environment. From the warm-up to the class combination, each song is carefully selected to enable each student to focus on body awareness, confidence, and clear execution of movement… Read more Class Timetable

  • Musical Theatre

    Musical Theatre is a class that will combine dancing singing and acting to music from popular shows musicals on Broadway and in London’s West End, which include ‘Annie’ ‘Matilda’ ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Mamma Mia’… Read more Class Timetable

  • Flexibility & Strengthening

    Flexibility increases movement capacity by removing tightness so you can loosen your limbs. The exercises given assists in transporting oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxins from muscles, so recovery is faster… Read more Class Timetable